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New Client with new features!

okay, that worked. woohoo.

anyway, so today (the past few days actually) was the day of several changes to the client. several nice changes and useful changes.

added remove friend button to friendsof page
added some helper functions and restructured a little

added "cancel" for posting
-- note, this may cause duplicate postings in laggy network conditions
-- last entry comes up automatically if a ljr success comes back

fixed a gui glitch with "Still Loading..." that caused repetition
updated to version 1.4.3
moved "Auto-detect playing music" to the Options dialog, and changed the checkbox in the "Post Options" dialog to say "Auto-detect now"
-- behavior: when editing history it will not auto-detect your music unless you force it to
-- behavior: when posting a new journal entry, anytime you enter post options, it will re-detect your music.
added opt_nocomments checkbox to post options
-- behavior: popup annoying messagebox everytime it is used to state that it is on a per-entry basis.
-- behavior: you cant save the nocomment setting as default

you can get the new client right here... or view the directory here.

also, coming soon will be OFFICIAL packaging and install wrappers. Yay! :)
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