Tim (visions) wrote,

so here is some drama for you. a girl that i have known for a year and that had become a mutual friend of mine and my bestfriends... had a talk with me today.

anyway, i recently started dating her... and things were going very well... everything seemed fine. today, that changed. i found out that the day before i started dating her which was also the night after we had kissed for the first time, she had the equivalent of a one night stand with my bestfriend (who also happens to be my roommate)... and previously, she had messed around with him a little (oral).

well, that happens to have been my bestfriends first time (he was a virgin)... which was okay with him, because obviously he was willing in this case. well, to add to that, i had asked her if she had ever done anything with my bestfriend, and she said no.. that she had never even kissed him. so, things preceded... and after a while, her and i became intimate...

as a summary, she lost her virginity at 22 (this summer) to a guy she was dating... fucked my bestfriend one time at the beginning of the school year, and then had sex with me no more than 2 weeks later... while lying to me about what she had done with my bestfriend and also while telling me that she really cared about me and wanted to have a long lasting relationship with me.

my comment on it, she is a fucking psychotic bitch. i have no intentions of ever talking to her again, and neither does my bestfriend (or at least that is what he is saying).
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