Tim (visions) wrote,

so anyway, i was talking with that girl on icq again.. the one that i was kinda interested in... and that was interested in me. well, she was out on a date with the guy that she is "kinda seeing".. but that hadnt talked to her in a while.

so now she is all happy and excited... and has decided to focus solely on him. granted that is a good thing from one perspective, but not from all. especially since he was acting quite shady towards her from what she relayed to me about his actions.

oh well though... at least she didnt waste her or my time with silly persuits or games. she instead, showed an excited demure upon returning from the date.. that was enough to convey her thoughts.

meanwhile, i get discarded... but oh well. it isnt like i had even met her yet... just talked to her on the phone a few times and on icq a fairly large amount. not a biggie...
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