Tim (visions) wrote,

so what is it that i want from this world? what is it that i am looking for? i honestly do not know. i have never really been happy... i have never been fully satisfied... i am always looking for something better. as to why that is the case... i have no idea. i am fatally flawed perhaps...

one of my friends labeled me as a "serial dater". i am not sure how that makes me feel. does that make me feel sad that even my close friends think of me like that? that i bounce from one girl to the next... dating and then moving on? does that say that i fear committment? does that say that i just dont want committment? should i just not care if people say that?

i guess, in my opinion... what it says is that i am searching for happiness, and that the person i was dating did not make me happy. but, as to whether or not that is the full reason, i do not know. i am good at introspection... but some things i just cant explain... at least not yet.
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