Tim (visions) wrote,

i close my eyes one time... let the feeling of serenity flow over me.

i close my eyes again, forgetting about the pain... forgetting about the loneliness that i feel.

i close my eyes a third time... take a step back from the world... take a step towards my cave.

i hide inside myself... hide from the pain.. hide from the loneliness... hide from the emptiness.

i hide because i can, because i have no one to hold.. because i have no one to care for.

i am punished for my past.. punished for who i was or who i am. i am held in the light that i used to stand in.. in the light that i have moved above. now, u am punished, cast into the pit that i have worked so hard to come out of.

i have taken a new turn, a new tide. refocused... and now, i stand here... with a tether to keep me up high... away from the pit in which i used to lie.
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