Tim (visions) wrote,

something i just posted in a comment block... not sure if it will stay or not.. so i will duplicate it here:

Instant satisfaction isn't always the only kind of satisfaction. Sometimes it can take days, weeks, months.. even years. Furthermore, is personal satisfaction really the holy grail of human existence?

perhaps it is not the holy grail, but then why act on impulses... be them cogniscent or in a state of impairment?

regardless of the reasons, the means and goals are the same. instant gratification... or possibly just taking advantage of a situation. the relevance is obvious to those that take a step back and relate.

from that though, it is easy to digress... easy to step from a point of equivical view to one of demonstrated activism. the details are trife though and because of that i shall deviate from the current course of action and response and instead move on to something that is better suited for my time.

sometimes it is lethargic to say what is on your mind... and from that, hopefully... something will be learned.
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