Tim (visions) wrote,

The joys of medicine....

So, being that I've been gone for what seems like ages, none of you really know what has went on. Here are some crib notes:

May 9, 2007 my father was killed in a motorcycle accident. Tragic, unexpected, and all-around devastating to myself and my family. I was made executor of the estate, and continue to heft that weight on my shoulders... as there was and still is a lot to take care of.

Towards the end of November, having worn down my body between work, the estate, and the traveling back and forth I took an extreme turn for the worse and ended up in the hospital. It was an extremely scary experience... and the consequences of which I will continue to face for the rest of my life. The resulting diagnosis... an auto-immune disease that I will get to fight for the rest of my life.

Which brings me to medication. Scary stuff. There are the standard things like antibiotics, pain relievers, etc. Those are nothing to worry about. Immune system suppressant drugs like what I am on, are flat out scary. So many severe side effects and possibilities of death... ick.

Medicine is supposed to be better than the sickness, but with drugs like these... it's arguable. Nevertheless, I drudge on... pill after pill.

I am about to go on "vacation", which is really a chunk of free time to work on estate stuff. There will be some time for fun, and I get to see my family which is always a good thing. Other than that though, a bunch of hard work,

One day at a time...
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