Tim (visions) wrote,

misty night
evening cast
i feel the dew drops drop
condensing, forming on what was hot
i see you in the distance
standing there
waiting for me
your hands in the air
i see you reach
but i cannot grab
for you are too far
and i am not enough of a man
you look at me with eyes glazed over
your heart worn on your sleeve
makes no sense why you wouldn't go forward
for i am what you see
but with eyes glazed over
my heart will beat
i stand in front of you
i am the man you see
now what you do
only you can know
i move through the dew
and together we find you
you were lost in the mist
the eyes were my light
no hiding anymore
no beginnings of snow
you are not pure
you don't even know
you fell like a dew drop
that formed from my eye
you are my heart
and i will forever cry
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