Tim (visions) wrote,

IPOD Order Pending


So, i have completed my ipod offer! As promised, here is a list of people that helped me and their referral URL's. Please use them in order from top down and I will strike them as they complete their offers:

#1 - KM Link - 1 2 Completed Referrals

#2 - JS Link - 0 Completed Referrals

check this site (free ipod guide) for a guide on what to do exactly. the guide has pictures from people who actually got their ipods and such, and the organization doing this is registered with the better business bureau and has been for several years in good standing. feel free to ask me for help in a comment here if you have any questions. I recommend following the AOL broadband router since ebay is gone.. it is quite simple, no credit card needed, etc etc.

Anyone that helped me, email me per the other link and let me know what your referral url's are so i can link you here.

people that helped me that are not linked yet by first part of their email address:

if any of you three want linked here, let me know what your referral link is.
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