Tim (visions) wrote,

two weeks have passed, my list.. in detail:

make good on all my promises to her
here, i am not sure i succeeded or failed. i answered everything she had asked of me. i spent hours upon hours writing her emails giving her answers and letting every single piece of me be there for her to see. i promised her that i will always love her, no matter what happens... no matter where we end up or how things work out. i have stayed true to that and many of the other things i promised her.

be more straight-up
unilaterally i have succeeded here.

lose a few pounds
starting weight 183. current weight 166.

work out more (situps primarily)
sadly, i haven't done this much yet.

give space naturally
accomplished in some aspects. patience is the key.

be more considerate/understanding overall
again, accomplished in some aspects.. not all.

stay focused on the end goal and not on the little tangents
working on this.. the end goal is yet to come, so i can't say whether it has been accomplished or not.

stop trying to force discussion and instead let it roll for another day
accomplished when the other party is communicating.

be true to myself
this is a hard one to judge, i am not sure.

let things happen dont try to always be in control
working on it.

be completely up front, no dilly-dallying
very much more up front from the get go.

shave each day (the stubble made her turn red.. sensitive skin)
every other day.. shaving each day irritated my skin. :(

take better care of myself, stop neglecting things in general
getting better... but still not all the way there.
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