Tim (visions) wrote,

the list

In the next two weeks, i plan on tackling the following things about me:

  • make good on all my promises to her

  • be more straight-up

  • lose a few pounds

  • work out more (situps primarily)

  • give space naturally

  • be more considerate/understanding overall

  • stay focused on the end goal and not on the little tangents

  • stop trying to force discussion and instead let it roll for another day

  • be true to myself

  • let things happen dont try to always be in control

  • be completely up front, no dilly-dallying.

  • shave each day (the stubble made her turn red.. sensitive skin)

  • take better care of myself, stop neglecting things in general

in 2 weeks, i will post details on each. this list may be added to. wish me luck.
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