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state your case

open cast call is in effect.


fingertips slide
innocently along
speaking of intentions
as they trace
the strings of your thong

lips find skin
kissing gently
mind full of sin
heart beating
mind racing

bodies moving
abs grind down
rubbing gently
the only sound

passionate exploring
fingers traced
tongue sliding
hips squirming in place

teasing with touches
breath sliding along
lifting hips
tongue dips...
sweet taste found.

want more?
should i explore?
fingers stroking
tongue flicking more

circling around
tongue ring touching
lips closing
humming a sound.

fingers entering
wiggling around
pressing up...
outside pressing down.

writhing more
clothes on the floor
bodies pressing...
begging for more.

abs sliding
lips finding
lost breath
you feel so wet.

pressing forward
more to explore
hips thrusting
bed bouncing
slight breeze through the open door

moans scream louder
sweat building
our bodies glistening
our lips searching more

tightening around
i feel you squeeze
slamming in and out
hearing your begs and pleads

give me more.
i want it all.
i'm going to explode
and feel your fingers like claws

so close
cant take much more
you squeezing tighter
begging for a few seconds more

grabbing ahold
moving faster
bed shaking
almost there..
gasping for air

exploding inside
hearts melting
holding on
bodies pressed tight.

you and me
will repeat this
all throughout the night.



reasons you may want to win me:

  • i am a great cook
  • i treat women well
  • i am passionate
  • i am a cuddler
  • i do the little things
  • i put thought into my gifts and actions
  • i am a great dancer
  • i am a lot of fun

am i good enough for you? do you want more? if so.. plead your case. why should i choose you to be mine? why would you be the best time?

feel free to ask questions. see if i am right for you. this is your chance. :)

what is proposed? who knows? surprise me with your response. :-D
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