Tim (visions) wrote,

if i could tell you
just a single thing
if i could hold your hand
in mine with a ring

if i could see the white picket fence
if i could hold you
even with your defense
if i knew
somehow, it would make sense

but i do not know
so i cannot go
and now i hide
waiting for time to subside

and the pain i feel
is all so real
not knowing where
not truly here

you dont exist
atleast not yet
i am alone
we have not met

i wish i knew
who you were
that mystery part
that other soul

find me please
i promise to be good
hold me tight
tell me it will all be alright

if you cannot
i do not know what i will do
all alone
i fear being without you

but i do not know you
you dont exist
i have not met you
atleast not yet.
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