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for one more

there are silences in the moon
songs that go unsung
times we will never forget
moments long lost
beginnings not yet met

there are times we cut loose
times lost in space
moments we try to keep
memories of people we meet

each day we hold
visions that dont meet their mold
unexpected introductions
times that will never grow old

sometimes we reach
for things we know we cant keep
sometimes we try
to keep those that happen to stumble by

while we may not meet
ever again
i can close my eyes
and remember where it began

one day you will reach
the dreams that you seek
the current will become the past
this moment, will forever last

i promise you
forget, i will not.
and as days pass by
forever, will i try


those that pass by.

once was said
6 times over, the worth
perhaps even 7
just for one more.

beyond my hopes
you will reach
from my hand
i give you my dreams.

a piece of paper
exchanged amongst words
you probably wont remember
when i soar amongst the birds

it is okay,
i wont forget.
the conversations shared...
each and every little moment.

we must depart
or so they say
and as i close my eyes
i will remember each and every day

someday i hope
all the dreams will be true
someday i hope
i stumble upon someone like you.
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