Tim (visions) wrote,

so i left thursday early evening and drove to schaumburg. i had a great night with a great girl. my heart started acting up, so bleh on that... but it's all good. it is great to be happy again.

friday morning i waited around for a while, hoping to get to say goodbye in the morning.. but it didn't work out that way due to sleep. left to drive to minnesota at noon to visit my sister. once i got there (a god aweful 4.5 hours later) i waited for her to get back so we could go eat. went out to eat, bought some alcohol and came back and watched a movie while drinking.

saturday consisted of lunch, shopping, movie, dinner, drinking and walking around at rochester fest. listened to some decent bands, checked out girls with my sister, and then came home and drank more while playing card games. all in all, fun.

i look forward to each conversation.

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