Tim (visions) wrote,

General description of this temperament:

  • Place a high value on cooperation from others and are most willing to cooperate themselves

  • When ENFJs find that their position or beliefs are not comprehended or accepted, they are surprised, puzzled and sometimes hurt.

  • Particularly adept when communicating face-to-face as opposed to communicating in writing

  • Intuition tends to be well developed

  • Excellent companions and mates. They are deeply devoted to their children.

  • Tend not to be domineering to either children or a mate

  • Even tempered.

  • Like to have things settled and organized.

  • Very much at home in complex situations which require the juggling of much data.

  • Motivating people to do something they may not initially have wanted to do.

  • Highly skilled in understanding other's needs and motivations

  • Capacity to size up a situation intuitively.

  • In a very caring and concerned way, say just the right thing.

  • Can become depressed, wounded, even bitter, if their ideas are met with resistance.

  • They take conflict or rejection very personally.

  • They tend to carry a grudge against individuals or groups involved.(Even when the other side had only intended to raise some valid questions).

  • May seem superficial because of their smooth and glib way with words.

  • Want a happy and affirming relationship.

  • Parenting is a responsibility and a pleasure

  • Negative behavior often makes an ENFJ parent feel like a failure

  • When harmony prevails, the living style of the ENFJ is lively and fun.

  • Drawn to careers that serve others with minimal potential for interpersonal conflict.

  • Work that involves too many details, abundance of paperwork, too much time alone will be boring if not stressful.

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