Tim (visions) wrote,

and silence will speak
the day we meet
the beauty in our hearts
the glimmer in our eyes

no voice heard
for that is your wish
silently i cry
every day i miss

through the sky
you will fly
off to a distant land
physically far away
but never closer at hand

my prayers will travel with you
my heart, you still keep
every mile you go
you take with you, my dreams

i miss our moments with each day that passes
i miss your smile and your precious laughs
i miss your eyes that often kept my gaze
and most of all, i miss our days.

you have asked me to leave
to walk away
and in your absense
the pain grows stronger in every way

i miss our walks
gazing at the stars
i miss the moments,
where i held you tightly in my arms.

i miss the moments, where together we cried
comforting each other
softly saying
it will all be alright

i am standing here now
for one last time
saying up to you,
that i want you as a friend.
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