Tim (visions) wrote,

words that speak nothing
moments gone past
anger inside
confusion that continues to last

i can't do this
i can't hear your voice
i can't see your face
and not love you each and every day.

your friend.

that is what you say i am...
and tears stream down
as those words fall.

i am so much more
more than you see
more than you let me be

i asked you to look
at the things i have done
i asked you to think about
if this is how you want it to be done

can you walk away?
ignore all that is me?
why can't we be?

i pray that you will see
how much you mean to me
and realize that with us,
things could be as calm as a silent sea

i breathe with intention...
i walk with hope.
i gaze upon you,
and pray that we can cross this moat.

there is one thing
keeping us apart
please let go,
trust me with your heart.
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