Tim (visions) wrote,


setting: her apt, cofee table.. talking about things.. us.

her: "please dont do this right now. i cant talk about it.. not right now."


setting: some time in the near past.

her: "you are so great in so many ways"
her: "you are everything i have ever wanted"

[cut-scene.. back to present time]

setting: outside her apt building, her crying about her ex-fiance, because she hates the fact that she still loves him even though she doesn't want to be with him. me consoling her, holding her.

her: "i have to go upstairs now. jody is pissed because she thinks you made me cry. i have to go talk to her"
me: "do you want me to wait?"
her: "i dunno, i just have to go upstairs."


setting: outside her apt building after a night at highdive, listening to a great band. jeff (lead singer of the band) did me a favor and dedicated a song that reminds me of her, to her. her and i in an embrace...

her: "thank you"
me: "for?"
her: "for everything. for being you."
me: "i would do anything for you"
her: "i know, i just can't have that right now."

[ i kiss her nose.. then her forehead. ]
[ she raises her lips and kisses mine.. i pause.. hesitate and then kiss her back delicately. ]

me: "god i love you so much still"
her: "please dont say that Tim. please... not now.. not tonight."
me: "here... i will walk you up to your door"
her: "i can do it, it's fine"
me: "i dont mind"
her: "please.. don't. just let me go."

[cut-scene... fade away]
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