Tim (visions) wrote,

left as voicemail for beth

close your eyes
tears need not fall
i am here for you
i will be here for it all

a step at a time
comfort i give
standing here
each day we live

memories of the past
still ever so strong
forging futures
breaking casts from ever so long

wishes and desires
dreams to fulfill
stuff still not done
songs still left unsung

each day that passes
a stronger bond
each moment lasting
forever long

lips once pressed
now speak in familiar tongues
lives shared
arms wrapped around

holding you tight
is what can be done
letting you be
are single moments won

a twinkle in your eye
is what i can see
a smile flashed
seemingly just for me

we still embrace
gentle hugs
light touches to your face

hands stroke
along my back
a light kiss
placed gently on your neck

moments once shared
and still forever held
special times
that the future melds

while things have changed
they remain the same
time shared
time spent together as one

there is time left still
to explore
to walk together
to hold each other once more

there are moments still unlived
hanging up amongst the stars
twinkling down to us
waiting for our call

whether taken as friends
or as something more
it need not matter
i will still come to your door

i will still hold your hand
or give you a hug
listen to your words
or just feel your love

i may take steps back
but never will i run
i will still be there
even when i am not the one
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