Tim (visions) wrote,

This weekend has been a roller coaster of thought, lack of sleep, and great times. I saw a great play, a decent play, did my laundry, taxes, cooked, relaxed, watched movies... and thought a ton about my life and direction.

There have been so many things that I have done in the past year. Some working towards my goals, others distracting me from them. After some deep thinking and soul searching, I think I have figured out a few things that I need and want to do in order to make myself happier and more content with my life.

Sometimes, one needs to take a step back in order to go forward. Sometimes, one must give up aspects in order to improve others. Sometimes it needs to be done, others.. it is just something that should be done. Regardless though, I am doing it... taking one step at a time. Returning to old values and morals, living not in the past because of past revelry.. but because of a desire to better myself as a person and as a soul.

Patience... patience.
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