Tim (visions) wrote,

detailed test...

I got this one from siljebabe.. some non-applicable things removed though.


Name: Tim

Age: 22

Location: Illinois, USA

Hair: dark brown, curly...

Eyes: brown


Have you ever..

Skipped school: yep

Skipped a class: yep

Slept through a class: yep

Thrown things at the teacher, and what did you throw: nope

Done mean things to people in your class: not that i recall

Cheated on tests: yeah, i think everyone has.

Plagarized: partially, more so concept than words though.

Copied someone's work: yeah, friends and i would do howmework together and trade answers.

Been suspended, and for what: yep.. fighting, telling a teacher to go fuck themselves... umm, i think that is it...

Been expelled, and for what: same as above.

Had detention: yep.

Brought a weapon to school, and what was it: a pocket knife maybe? but not as a weapon...

Stolen something from someone at school: maybe stuff from lost and found?

Had drugs in your possession at school: nope


Have you ever..

Done something your parents specifically said NOT to: yep.

Snuck out and been caught: nope

Snuck out and got away with it: nope

Hit a family member: yes.

Been grounded for a month or more: i am not sure i was ever grounded.

Had a party at your house unsupervised: nope

Broken something and lied about it: probably

Stolen money from your family members: no

Had a fistfight with your sibling: with my sister i think, once...

Gotten in trouble for bad grades: nope, always had good grades.


Have you ever..

Smoked cigarettes: once

Drank alcohol: yep

Been so drunk you passed out: yep, but only when i got home.

Puked from drug usage: nope, never done drugs.

Sniffed permanent markers or white out to get "high": No

Smoked the killer weed [marijuana]: No.

Smoked the killer weed [oregano]: No.

Taken any pill medication that wasn't prescribed to you: Yes, painkillers to kill pain.

Smoked crack, or any other drug: nope

Tried heroin in any form: methadone as a pain killer for a bad injury.

Tried X: nope

Candy flipped: nope

Bought illegal drugs: nope

Sold illegal drugs: no

Had an adult or older person buy you alcohol or cigarettes: hmmm.. maybe?

Stolen alcohol or cigarettes from a store: no

Driven drunk or under the influence of anything: yes

Done any unusual drugs: just prescribed shit (methadone was probably the worst).

Tried inhalants: no

Took sleeping pills: no

Took caffeine pills: once through finals week

Used 3 or more drugs at once: no

Tripped acid: no

Hallucinated: when on methadone, yes.

Taken a drug and swore you'd never take it again because of something that happened: methadone. i would rather deal with the pain.

Overdosed: wanted to.

Taken something you didn't know what it was: no

Played a game such as "Who will get the drugs": no

Been in a drinking contest: yes

Won a drinking contest: yes

Gone to school/work on drugs: alcohol... drunk as a skunk to class...

Been caught by your parents or any adult while you were on drugs: never done drugs..


Have you ever..

First of all, have you ever even had sex: yes

Had sex more than once: yes

More than 5 times: yes

Tried any other positions besides missionary: yes

Had sex without any birth control: no, always used a condom.

Masturbated: yes

Used your hands for sexual purposes on a partner: yes

Had hands used for sexual purposes on you by someone else: yes

Performed oral sex: yes

Received oral sex: yes

Done 69: yes

Been walked in on doing any sexual activity: yes

Used food for sexual purpose: ice... so kinda.

Made your own words for body parts or sexual activity: no

Had sex in a car: yes

Had sex in a public place: yes

Had sex in a house with someone else not in the room, but present in the house: yes

Had sex outdoors: yes

Had soreness or pains due to sexual activity: yes

Been or gotten someone else pregnant: no

Stripped for someone or a group of people: yes

Played strip poked, or any game of that sort: no

Been given money to strip or do sexual favors: no

Had anal sex: on the giving end, yes.

Had sex with someone you barely knew: yes

Tied someone up/been tied up: no

Spent the night in a bed with someone of the opposite sex, without anything sexual happening: yes

Practiced any weird fetishes: no

The Law

Have you ever..

Stolen anything minor [small things]: yes

Stolen anything major [expensive]: no

Robbed a store/person: no

Been caught stealing: yes, a pen :(

Vandalized anything: i dont think so...

Stolen anything not from a store: no...

Tampered with other people's mail: i dont think so.

Driven illegally: i dont think so..

Ran from the cops: nope

Been busted by the cops for anything: ticketed... but not arrested.

Been arrested: no

Had charges or anything filed against you: no..

Been to court: yes

Been convicted of any crime: no...

Broken into any place: no

Spraypainted anything: no

Harassed anyone: yes... out of anger

Done anything under the age of consent [drink, etc.]: drank

Had sex under the age of consent: no

Hit or harmed anyone: yes

Broken into anyone else's stuff online: yes

Hacked a person's computer or website: yes

Committed adultery: no, but i have been cheated on.

Been banned from any place for any reason: yep.

Had a restraning order placed against you: nope.

comment here if you learned something new about me...
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