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There are a lot of things in the world to be thankful for. I am thankful for a few, but not many of them. Why you ask? I honestly don't know. There are a lot of things that have been "dealt" to me that I wish would never have happened. There is nothing that one can really do about that though. Life goes on.

Sometimes I wonder if "god" has it out for me though. There were complications when I was born. There were complications in my early childhood. Hell, all throughout my life there have been complications. That is true for most people though, but not necessarily in the same way. Most of my complications have been health related... some much more serious than others.

Anyway, from that I digress to another topic. A topic of spite, which is something that seems to occur all too frequently. Why do we, as human beings, follow pack mentalities? Why do we attack others for their actions? That is a great question... and as I am sure you all can imagine, there are several reasons for it.

People find comfort in the near anonymity of pack mentality. People are more likely to pursue actions that they would never do alone, as long as the "group" is doing it. People fear being singled out.

Other things such as jealousy of ones actions or attention, cause people to band together and attack. One slang term that is often attached to that is "hater" but that isn't really what it is. Look at a case like Britney Spears. She has troves of people that love her to death, and still more that hate everything she is and stands for. Why so much of a contrast? Envy? Perhaps that is what it is. Those that hate her could be the ones that are most envious of her. Does that point stand up under scrutiny though? Probably more than one might think.

It isn't always envy in situations such as that though. There can be something truly rooted in their feelings against that person. Sticking with our example, some people view Britney as being a "whore" and a "symbol of objectification of women". Well, yes... she is an "object of desire"... because that is what she is marketed as. I would never go so far to say that just because she dresses the way she does, or acts the way she does... that she is a whore though. Others however, do go that far.

I have a friend that has an absolute hate towards Britney. You even mention her name, and my friend gets pissed off to the point of near tears. Why though? Well, that is a somewhat long story... but it basically sums down to one thing. She is massively jealous and as a result.. insecure over it. She suffers from a classic, "how is she better than me?" type thought pattern. See, it's deeper than that though.I think that Britney makes her feel inadequate... because Britney has Justin and not her. Jealousy... near obsession, but far from envy. She despises everything about Britney, but to me... that all seems like misplaced spite. What she really hates, seems to be the fact that she isn't the one getting the attention.

Anyway, there was... is... a point to this. We all have reasons for our actions. Sometimes they are because we are in a group. Sometimes they are because we are envious. Yet other times, they are because we truly dislike, or have moral objections to, something or someone.

Recently, I was involved in some drama. I have also been involved in drama in the past. Why though? Well, look at the topics both times. They were seeded in betrayal... cheating. Be it none of my business or not, I take deep concern and objection with acts of cheating or even perceived acts. Some times I overstep bounds. We all do it at times.

The other issue of drama that I have been involved in is lj development and credit/respect on that issue. No matter what anyone says, what I have done for lj, be it in actual code development or in idea generation or veto, I have helped mold lj. Things I have suggested have been implemented. Things I have done have been used. LJ wouldn't be quite the same experience if I had never stumbled onto it. Some people recognize that, others don't. The ones that don't are those that I have argued with and those that I have belittled.

Regardless though, none of it matters. The current drama, I should have stayed out of. However, I felt that I had a valid reason to state what I stated (because I trusted the sources that told me what they told me) and I was also tired of the "character" portrayed. The drama with deb, was really none of my concern.. but I viewed her as a friend and was acting under that. How her situation ended up after time.. speaks for itself I guess. In regards to the lj dev drama, I will never take disrespect, ever.

life. mistakes. problems. triumphs. failures. drama. we deal with them every day. some of them, we avoid. I should work more on that avoidance.
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