Tim (visions) wrote,

stolen!@#@!$# :)

Name: Tim
Nicknames: visions, liquid, liquid steel, yellow glasses guy
Current SN's: liquidst
B-day: August 25th, 1979
Zodiac Sign: virgo/leo... im on the cusp (a virgo by date though)
Siblings: older sister (24), half sister (16), step sister (20)
City: Champaign, Illinois
Future Location: no idea.
Collections: none really
Goals/Ambitions: to be content with my life
Hobbies: writing, talking with people, mountain biking
Lefty/Righty/Ambi: Right handed
School: graduated from UIUC with a BS in CS

4 Letter Word: love
Actor/Actress: eh.
Animal/Insect: my kitten
Athletes: eh.
Board Games: chess?
Book: eh.
Candy: eh.
Cartoon: eh.
Cereal: eh.
Chewing Gum: whatever is handy
Color: blue, gray, black
Day of Week: wednesday
Least fave day: monday.
Drink (Alcoholic): southern hurricane
Drink (Nonalcoholic): juice
Fabric: touchy-feely stuff
Food: pasta or chinese
Fruit: tropical fruits
Holiday: eh.
Hour of Day: noon?
Ice Cream: makinaw island fudge?
Item of Clothing/Outfit: no idea.
Jell-O Flavor: peach?
Music: r&b/techno/electronica/pop/everything else but country
Music Video: no idea.
Number: 12
Perfume/Cologne: happy for men, aqua de gio
Quote/Saying: hrmpf!
Restaurant Chain: subway?
School Subject: cs
Season: summer
Shampoo: eh.
Shapes: circle
Song: hmm.. anything by dido.
Toothpaste: arm & hammer?
Channel: eh.
TV Show: will & grace, dark angel
Least fav TV show: eh.
Vegetable: potato
Video Game: ut maybe?
Habits: overcompensating.
Obsessions: hrm... i dunno
Piercings: tongue and left ear
Special Skills/Talents: computers, poetry
Tattoos: none...

Slow/Fast songs at dances: fast to set the mood.. slow to finish it off.
Coke/Pepsi: coke?
Day/Night: night
Diamonds/Pearls: umm.. pass on both.
Flowers/Candy/Poem: poem
Gold/Silver: silver
Haagen Daaz/Ben&Jerry's: ben & jerrys
Land/Sea: land.. by the sea.
Love/Lust: love anyday.
McD's/Burger King: McD's.. better fries.
Mountains/Prairies: mountains for the biking. :)
Pie/Cake: pie?
Smiling/Laughing: smiling

Best Love Relationship: kathy.
Do you believe in love at first sight?: love, no.. lust.. yes.
Do you have a crush on a school mate/coworker?: not at the moment.
Do you want children one day & if so, how many?: two maybe?
Fave thing about the opposite sex: intelligence, trust, the devilish twinkle in her eyes, personality, and that spot along their inner hip...
Most important thing to you in a friendship is: honesty
Turn Ons: eyes, hip/tummy area, smiles, someone that can make me laugh, kindness, backs
Best Friends are who: zaid has always been there.
Be any animal, what would you be?: just me.
Dye your hair any color, it would be: hrm, probably bright yellow tips again.
Do 1 thing to someone you disliked,what would you do?: make them fall in love with me and then ignore them.
A special power, what would it be?: telepathy, although i may be scared as to what i find out.
Have a tattoo, what would it be?: something tribal perhaps.
Invent something what would it be?: instant travel.
Coolest Ex: dunno...
Criminal Record: nah
Do you eat chicken fingers with a fork?: nope
Do you ever write your name with the last name of your crush?: i dont think so...
Do you gossip?: yeah.. sometimes... but not much.
Do you save AOL conversations?: nope.
Do you speak any other languages?: yes.
Have you ever been attacked by a big dog?: yeah, and i have the scars and hospital bills that went with it.
How do you eat an Oreo?: twist, lick, and bite.
If you couldn't do your dream job/career, what would be second best?: living with the love of my life and just getting by.
Last book you read: sadly, a .NET architecture book
Name some of the fav. things in your bedroom: my bed, my fish, and my decorations
Pick a song title that best describes you: no angel -- dido
Things you hate about yourself the most: my hurt side.
Things you like about yourself the most: my loving side.
Things you look forward to: meeting the woman of my dreams.
This makes me cry: being alone
This makes me smile: my friends
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