Tim (visions) wrote,

hehe.. i just bought this:

Processor (1)Intel® Pentium® III Processor 933MHz with 256K Cache (Dual Processor Upgradeable)
Memory 128MB PC133 SDRAM (1 128MB module) expandable to 2GB
Video Integrated 32-bit PCI Graphics with 4MB SDRAM
Keyboard and Mouse 104+ keyboard and PS/2 Mouse and Gateway Mouse Pad
Power Supply 300-Watt Power Supply
Hard Drive (1) 9GB Ultra 160 SCSI NSCA 7200RPM Hard Drive
Controller Integrated Dual Channel Ultra160 SCSI
Floppy Drive 3.5" 1.44MB diskette drive
CD-ROM 20X min./48X max. IDE CD-ROM
Server Management HP OpenView ManageX Event Manager
Network Card Integrated Intel® PCI 10/100 Twisted Pair Ethernet

$500 + tax and shipping. rawr!#@!$%
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