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(no subject)

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May. 28th, 2001 | 02:25 am
mood: dancing

11 days left@#@!$ ;)

*cha chas*

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(no subject)

from: dreamland
date: May. 28th, 2001 02:22 am (UTC)

lol. you are soooo cute! =P

you sure i can have you? ;-) hehe...

*kathy in her dream world...* mmmm... just can't believe it... WOO-HOO!!! oh my!! =D

oh!!! weeee!!!!!! *twirls in circles*
eeeeeek! *presses down her skirt before it flies up too high* whew! =P

yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! i'm soooo excited, i can't stop talking about you. lol. i tell everyone, "guess what?!?! i'm going to see tim!!#@!!#%#!$!!!! i'm going to illinois for four months!!!!$@!#!@!" weeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

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(no subject)

from: visions
date: May. 28th, 2001 02:28 am (UTC)


back together again. yay :)

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