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(no subject)

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May. 25th, 2001 | 02:46 pm
mood: amusedamused

14 days left and stuff.

*dances naked in the pale moonlight*

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(no subject)

from: dreamland
date: May. 26th, 2001 12:05 am (UTC)

mmmm.... *hugs*

I'm soooo excited!!! ^_^

Have fun in Michigan. *tight squeeze* I get to physically set foot in Michigan and Illinois in 2 weeks. *grins* (hehe. The flight transfer is in Detroit.) WEeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Argh, I can't wait until spring quarter's over!! WOO-hoo!!!

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amanda's bleeding heart

(no subject)

from: tinker_belle
date: May. 26th, 2001 11:35 pm (UTC)

timmy, i'm sorry. i'm really really sorry. i insulted you and i was way out of line.
i do want to get to know you. do you know that when we first met i went back and read all of your journals so i could learn all i could about you? you are a good person, and i'm sorry i let my problems interfere with our friendship.

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