Tim (visions) wrote,

stolen from yokuso

1. What little thing about a person who would otherwise be attractive to you, could turn you off completely?

being stuck up or snobbish/rude to people. things like cutting down other women based on their outfits, etc etc.

2. What do you prefer to wear to bed?


3. Bed preferences/rituals?

strip down to boxers if i'm not there already and then hop into bed... grab orchy (stuffed-animal orcha whale)... cuddle and fall asleep.

4. Do you answer the telephone if it rings in the middle of the night/early morning?

yeah, as long as i hear it.

5. Have you ever kicked someone out of your apartment?

nope. but i have thrown people out of other's houses during parties.

6. Have you ever been kicked out of a class/bar/domicile, etc? Why?

yep, sent to the principles office many times. a memorable one is...

teacher: "you shouldnt be working on other class material in my class"
me: "im busy finishing this, it is more important than the material you are teaching, which i obviously already know."
teacher: "put it away, now"
me: "like i said, im busy.. please leave me alone now."
teacher: "young man.. "
me: "listen bitch, i am tired of yoru fucking yapping. leave me the fuck alone"
me: "i SAID leave me the FUCK alone."

*teacher storms off and gets the principle whom i leave with.*

7. Have you ever had a near-death experience? What did you see?

several times... i saw nothing.. just flashes of my life then darkness.

8. How old were you when you found out how babies were made and how did you find out?

i have no idea... watching tv i guess. :)

9. Your first experience with porn?

my dad's playboy colllection. it ruled. :)

10. If you were offered immortality, would you accept?

no... i wouldnt want to live forever. i am lonely enough at times during my own standard lifetime.
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