Tim (visions) wrote,

kabuki just called me a "pompous ass that only tries to prove how smart he is to himself."

i was laughing. if is funny since she thinks that everything in the world revolves around her. she is inconsiderate to people, rude, and doesnt seem to understand the concept of courtesy. she uses people, doesnt think for herself, and gets pissed when people treat her that same way. she is vindictive and spiteful as well as harsh and abrasive in her words. her personality is comparable to someone that is "pissed off at the world" combined with someone that doesnt have enough self esteem to get her through the day. my guess is that she "rips" on other people in an attempt to make herself feel better.

earlier in my journal I said that when I met her she didnt seem to like me, but that she seemed like a decent person. my true thoughts were as stated above... with a little variation.

"she seems like a nice girl, but she puts on an act... doesnt seem truthful." add that to the statements above, and you have what my impression of her was. part of that can be confirmed... but i tend to not talk trash about people.
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