Tim (visions) wrote,

this made me smile

courtesy of shudder2think

"What is sexy?? Sexy is standing in the rain as you push me up against the hood of your car tearing my shirt as you kiss me with the intent to never stop.. What is cute?? Cute is young and inexperienced... Cute is holding hands in the car and kissing at the red lights.... What is Passion?? Passion is knowing what you want and stopping at nothing until you get it.. What is Beautiful?? Beautiful is all about the inside of a person.. Beauty can only be found in the heart ... passion is putting your heart in what you do. What is love?? Love is the amazing balance of all these things ... in your mind heart body and soul.... So I ask you, are you cute? Passionate? A lover? Or are you sexy??"

for my response...

it depends on the person that i am with.

i heard a comment recently about me.. from a former co-worker:

"something about you just oozes sex.. in a VERY VERY VERY good way. in some ways.. i am glad that you left when you did... otherwise, oh the things i would have done to you."

so that would make me sexy.. right?

when i was dating kathy... i would do silly things like lick her.. kiss her nose.. eskimo kisses... compare feet... fun, silly stuff.

so that makes me cute?

i am a very strong willed and operate with great conviction... which makes me passionate...

as for beauty... i always try to make others happy.. put others before me.. act in ways of kindness.. etc etc.. so that makes me beautiful?

does that mean i am a lover?
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