Tim (visions) wrote,

spurred by this

i once tried to close my eyes and realize whether or not i knew what it was to love. i didn't know if i was capable of love. i still dont. the thing that i do know is that i have had moments that felt so safe.. so comfortable that i would not trade them for the world. those moments.. could constitute love, but they may not.

i have felt like i could not take a full breath without someone else. i have felt that my life is not complete unless that special someone was in my arms. have i felt love?

i have felt that i never wanted to let go. i have cried for hours when i finally did let go and even to this day.. cry from the loss. why? is that love?

i scream in my dreams.. run through the heavens.. looking for this elusive love. sometimes though, i think it has already found me... but i just didnt know how to deal with it, or what it was.
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