Tim (visions) wrote,

prelude: at 6pm i was supposed to be back from work and my gf and i were supposed to sit down and have a serious conversation.

paraphrased from today:
me [5:00 pm]: im back from work early
her [5:30 pm]: im going to eat dinner now, ill talk to you when i get back.
me [5:30 pm]: okay, ill talk to you then.
her [6:30 pm]: im back, but i am leaving to go to get groceries with my friends.
me [6:30 pm]: okay, forget the fact that i need to have a serious talk about us.
her [6:30 pm]: i know that we need to talk
her [6:30 pm]: i will come when i get back
me [6:30 pm]: dont bother
her [6:30 pm]: okay, then i am leaving... ill talk to you when you want to talk to me.
me [6:30 pm]: if ever. bye.

in other words, i think i have just chosen to be single again. i am tired of her casting our relationship aside, not being considerate, etc etc. fuck it. i deserve better.
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