Tim (visions) wrote,

have you ever had one of those moments where you sit around all night talking about this thing or that? You have a deep conversation, sharing a ton about yourself.. learning a ton about the other person. Then, the innocence of the conversation is broken with a single kiss. That single kiss leads to another. Before you know it, hands are roaming, clothes are coming off, and your bodies are entwined in each other. sweat forms as the two of you passionately induldge each others fantasies, desires, wants, and needs. with reckless abandon the two of you bounce between the bed and against the wall... hands grabbing... hips pumping. finally, you both collapse against each other with a deep moan.. ending the moment in a climactic conclusion. a few minutes pass, and you look into each others eyes... and you just realize...


sometimes, my mind gets the best of me. sometimes, i think about the past, sometimes... i just dream.
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