Tim (visions) wrote,

ever have a night where a girl keeps hounding you and you want nothing more than for her to drop off the face of the planet?

i heard the line... "you are just pissed because you know you cant have me, that i am too good for you" tonight. that was quite humorous since the girl was an absolute whore.

i wouldnt have touched her with a stick, not to mention my dick.

then, at the end of the night... "tim... wait a minute... dont leave yet... i just wanted to tell you that you are a cool guy... and that..."

at that point she tried hugging me and i moved away... said.. "riight.. like i would give you that much respect" and then walked out the door.

interesting evening none-the-less.

and to add to the excitement... some guys tried jumping me on my walk home. now i am bleeding and have a few cuts on my right hand from hitting the guy in the face that grabbed me. i think i might have broken my knuckle as well.

fuck it.
sleep time.
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