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lets see... this week has been WAY too much work. hrm. yeah, that is all I have to say about that.

tonight was kinda fun though. I went to the movies with a big group of people and then went to the bar where we basically just chilled and drank very lightly. it was okay, except I was really hoping that I would have gotten to sit around and talk with Erica more. however, she was off milling about talking to people so instead I had several nice conversations with holly and her friends.

tomorrow evening I am taking Erica to the hockey game (Iowa state vs Illinois)... perhaps afterwards her and I will have time or at least opportunity to talk. as for the hockey game, I was going to go with Jem... but she made other plans and stuff so oh well. I asked Erica and she said that she would love to go so I went and just picked up 2 tickets on Thursday.

I haven't even really seen Jem that much recently... nor have we even hung out much. I just get a feeling of alienation from her... as I have for a while now. its hard to explain. :(

anyway, Kerry is coming over because she is hyper. hopefully not too hyper though, because I have no energy. we are going to watch a movie and I told her I will probably fall asleep. she said she didn't mind though... we'll see. :-P

alas... time to put clothes on so I'm not in boxers when she gets here. hasta.
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