Tim (visions) wrote,

a random conversation about life and death

CHANGED: life is hell
liquidst: and then we die.
CHANGED: exactly. so why prolong the misery?
liquidst: because if we die.. we dont have life?
CHANGED: but if life is hell... is it really worth living?
liquidst: well, it is life.
CHANGED: exactly
liquidst: can you do anything but live it?
CHANGED: you can leave it
liquidst: no, you cant
liquidst: because by leaving it, it no longer exists.
liquidst: life can only exist in your frame of reference while you are part of it, while you are living it.
liquidst: outside of that frame of reference, it ceases to exist.
CHANGED: so what is the point in staying?
liquidst: and that ceasing... is death.
liquidst: the point in staying is to live.
liquidst: because it is the only thing that you can only do one way.
liquidst: it is unique.
CHANGED: but if life is hell why stay? what makes it all worth while?
liquidst: what makes it worthwhile is the fact that you have the ability to change it
liquidst: you have the ability to mold it
liquidst: and if deemed necessary, you have the ability to destroy it.
change is overrated
liquidst: so is death.
CHANGED: so is life
liquidst: ceasing to live does not solve any problems though.
liquidst: it adds to them.
liquidst: the only place that you have any control, is life.
liquidst: everything else is dictated and handed to you in the form that someone else deems appropriate.
liquidst: by dying, you take away the ability to choose.
liquidst: you take away the ability to do anything.
liquidst: everything, is nothing and nothing is all that death has.
CHANGED: so everything is death
liquidst: in death, everything is nothing.
liquidst: in life, everything is a choice.
CHANGED: it all just sucks
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